Design & Install Process

We offer a wide variety of Spa, Swim Spa and Hydrotherapy Spa solutions to help ensure our customers have unlimited choice when it comes to creating their perfect space for wellness and relaxation.

Design Stage

We like to make sure that our customers feel as involved as they want to be during every stage of the process, no more so than the design stage.

During this stage we would look to go over initial design ideas with customer and arrange a site visit.

We are able to provide 2D working drawings and 3D renders of your proposed designs.


Then once size, location, tile choice etc. has been chosen we can look at setting dates for delivery and installation of your new spa!



As the spa nears completion in the factory, we would then look at starting to prep for the install from the date agreed in the design stage.


Work would begin on prepping the foundations for the spa and setting up for it's arrival on site.

Once it arrives, we would pop it in to place then add some finishing touches to ensure that the spa is secure and ready for it to be connected.

Connection and Completion

Now the spa is situated perfectly in location, we would have one of our engineers connect it up the electric and heat source.

At this stage your spa is ready and your area of wellness has its stand out feature.


If you had landscapers, they could begin moving in and starting work of creating the peaceful aesthetic.

(Landscaping can be undertaken by Principal Pools if agreed before installation)

CAD Spa design by Principal Pools
Spa being installed by Principal Pools
Finished spa by Principal Pools

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